saying goodbye to ’09, and saying hello to ’10.

it’s crazy realizing that it’s the start of a new year: 2010.

2009 felt like it went by in a jiffy, yet at the same time so much has happened.

whatever happened last year, whether it was for the better or worse just think of it as a blessing and hope you learned from it.

God, family, friends, enemies, thank you all for being a part of my 2009. thank you for all the memories, smiles, hugs, laughters, tears, frowns, and everything else.

as we start off this new year, lets not forget to count our past blessings and look forward to a new year filled with even more memories and blessings.

and i’m sure we all have new resolutions every year, and honestly it’s so hard for me to follow through, but i hope it can change one by one.

in 2010 i want to…

-read the Bible more (hopefully daily)

-get into shape

-be a better daughter/sister/friend

-study harder (4.0? :])

-find another job

-have lots of fun

-… and too many to list. someone, please keep me accountable.

in the mean time, hope everyone had a good New Years. 2010, you will be a GOOD YEAR!


the time has come.

SOCAL BOUND in approx. 5 hrs with my fav. shotgun. it’s just us two but we’ll have a blast listening to bombies music, drinking coffee, eating munchies, talking, and simply enjoying each other’s companyy.

jealous? should be.

i’m supposed to be packing but the excitement is overwhelming me, i think. haha.

anyhoos lets play in socal! holler!

kk have a great thanksgiving week everyone and have a safe drive/flight :]

peace out.

speed of light.

talk about moving at the speed of light. COLLEGE my friends, is moving at the speed of light. i put my head up, down, then back up and i come to realize, it’s already november. november of my third year, which means next month is the end of first semester and time for yet another winter break. it’s crazy realizing that in no time college will be over so it’s best to make the most of it, while you can. talking to seniors, asking them what they’re going to do after they graduate, where they’re going to be, makes me sad. they’re not going to be here =[. then again, they’ve been starting to ask me, “what do you really want to do after you graduate? what are you going to be doing this summer?” and the list goes on. i guess it’s time to seriously think about what different kinds of things i want to explore. mMmmm FUN.

like i said before, this semester is an interesting one, both good and bad, and continues to go that way. it’s been kind of tough emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally, more so recently, but things are def. looking on the brighter note. God always always provides. and so many things to look forward toooo!!!

IRIS marathon, bomb krn food, emretreat, WICKED, homehomehome, thanksgiving, winterbreak, christmassss, snowboarding, tahoe trip, FLORIDA, and quality time with the loved ones.

YEEE. let the good times come.

shabra bang bang~

JUNIORS? already?! what the heck. boy does time fly. just when i thought i was new, and getting accustomed to this place called Berkeley, it’s hitting me that i’m a junior. now i’m giving people younger than me advice on what “easy” classes to take and not take, or where they should go to explore berkeley and what not.

a bunch of us are busy, doing our own things and i guess that’s a sign of… growing up? it’s sad to realize but at the same time it’s amazing. i’m genuinely happy for those who are getting jobs, interviews, internships, relationships, or even realizing that it’s time to take school a litto bit more seriously. amidst all these happenings, i’ve had some alone time to just think and chill, and i think this time has been very beneficial to me. i’ve realized so many things in my life, and i’m really thankful for everything that’s been happening, for everything i’ve been figuring out, and for everything people have been telling me.

“everything happens for a reason.” it really does. don’t try to figure out everything by yourself, because i guarantee not everything will go your way. and if you try to do everything by yourself, and at the end of the road you realized it wasn’t what you expected you’ll just be disappointed and hate life. instead, pray. easier said than done; yes i know, but i guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

also.. this is random but also try.. people watching. HAH. weird? i lovee people watching, and you realize and learn so much. there are so many different kinds of people in this world and at times we forget to realize that there’s more to this world than just you and i. everyone’s style of clothing, taste in food, hairstyle, conversations, interest, and everything else are soo different, but it’s so cool. God is amazing. how did he come up with all these ideas?! simply amazing.

okay.. now i’m just rambling about everything.

before the year started, i was REALLY stoked for this year. for the first week, i was still STOKED. up until like last week, i was disappointed, sad, frustrated, and not looking forward to this year at all. now, i’m making the most out of life, excited, and definitely looking forward to see what this year has in store for me. mood swing much?! yeah i promise it’ll stop haha. my apologies, esp to those who i’ve been complaining or venting to. i’m thankful for having all of you guys in my life :]



and HOMECOMING GAME NEXT WEEKEND! omg SO excited. be ready, sc. and im soo excited for everyone to come up again! :]

andddd get your BASKETBALL tickets!

okay, donezo. have a great friday ❤

A.D.D. much?

i think i have ADD or something. i can’t go through writing a page without going through my share of fb/blog/gmail/ichat/yahoo/some random youtube video/and jumping on my bed for a 5 min “nap”.

i have a 12-15 page paper due in like 4 hours, and did i mention that i’m.. not done yet?!

in my head i planned on finishing this at a certain time, but in actuality i’m like 5 hours behind schedule.

apparently my mom had plans for me today, to go run some important errands, but i forgot to mention to her earlier this week that i had a 15 page paper due, so i couldn’t go. she kind of looked at me like i was crazy cause i was out all weekend, knowing this crap was due. haha sorry ma.

and i have plans for today/night but i feel like once i’m done with this, i’ll be ready to knock out. but my friends will probably kill me. what to doOo?

okay back to writing. peace.

hello, goodbye summer ’09.

damn, who would’ve known finishing this ONE final would’ve made me so happy.

i guess i can’t complain cause i did only take one final, when people were stressin left and right trying to figure out how to study for two finals, that happened to be on the same day. FYL.

but as i was walking to work after my final, life seemed amazing. i was saying hi to everyone i ran into at work, and telling my coworker i was. i’m in suchh a good mood despite the fact that my bed time has been around 5:30/6am these past couple of days, and i have a 6 hour drive down to socal ahead of me. but whatevs, i can’t complain. ALL this week all i could talk and complain about was how much i wanted to go home, and how the only thing on my mind was HOME. well guess what, i’m socal bound in a couple hours baby :]

i can’t believe this summer is just beginning and at the same time over.

how was your summer? how was mine you ask? it was a rather interesting one.

seems like much didn’t happen this summer, but it did. it was filled with countless nights of “studying” that ended up being nights filled with funny/serious/ridiculous conversations. filled with many nights of “things you shouldn’t be doing.” filled with, should i say regrets? or of things that i “learned/am learning from my mistakes.” filled with heart breaks, make ups, and wonderful surprises. filled with getting to know you better, and man i’ve grown more distant from you. filled with many “MAN I WISH YOU GIRLS WERE HERE!” and filled with a lot of random things. yeah, i wasn’t out at the beach 24/7, or at the mall shopping my heart out, but whatevs, this summer up at berkeley was a good one.

noww, i have 10 days in socal to spend the rest of my summer. yah i’m gonna live it up. jealous? should be. haha jk.

well WOOHOOO everyone who finished today. we are DONEZO. (except i have a 15 pg paper due monday -_-; i’ll worry bout that after i get home). haha.


eye for an eye.

this morning, i opened up my Bible for the first time in a while, to see what passage i could read and reflect on. and right when i opened it up, the first thing i saw was KCPC’s weekly bulletin, and in block letters i apparently wrote LOVE for enemies.” after seeing that, i realized this was the sermon PEug gave on “The Sermon on the Mount: Radical Christian Love.”

it’s crazy how i opened my Bible straight to this, because it’s something i needed to be reminded of. love for enemies? God loved us unconditionally and he created us to love one another, but why is it so hard?  i realized more and more it’s so hard to genuinely love and care for people, but PEug said “the weakness of love is the most powerful aspect of life.” i’m no better than my neighbor or enemy, so i guess i have no right to hate or what not. i’ve been so caught up in my own thoughts and judgements, i let it get in the way of what i should really be doing.

Matthew 5:38-48:

38.“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ 39. But i say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil….

43. “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” 44. But i say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

love your neighbor. and love your enemies.