saying goodbye to ’09, and saying hello to ’10.

it’s crazy realizing that it’s the start of a new year: 2010.

2009 felt like it went by in a jiffy, yet at the same time so much has happened.

whatever happened last year, whether it was for the better or worse just think of it as a blessing and hope you learned from it.

God, family, friends, enemies, thank you all for being a part of my 2009. thank you for all the memories, smiles, hugs, laughters, tears, frowns, and everything else.

as we start off this new year, lets not forget to count our past blessings and look forward to a new year filled with even more memories and blessings.

and i’m sure we all have new resolutions every year, and honestly it’s so hard for me to follow through, but i hope it can change one by one.

in 2010 i want to…

-read the Bible more (hopefully daily)

-get into shape

-be a better daughter/sister/friend

-study harder (4.0? :])

-find another job

-have lots of fun

-… and too many to list. someone, please keep me accountable.

in the mean time, hope everyone had a good New Years. 2010, you will be a GOOD YEAR!


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